Tools of the trade: Forceps Fine Anteriors 29N, Elevator Luxating Straight 5mm and Laster Cheek Retractor


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by Dr Elvira Stender, TLC Dental, Winthrop, WA

At present, I work at TLC Dental for one day a fortnight to deal with any difficult extractions referred to me by other dentists. These three instruments make my job easier and more efficient.

What’s good about it

The Anterior Fine Forceps 29N take out anything without difficulty. They are fantastic to use on upper molars. Once sectioned, I use the forceps to take out each piece individually. They’re also great for teeth with no tooth structure and sub-gingival roots. These forceps are not confined to just upper anterior teeth but are suitable for use with all uppers.

The Straight Luxator 5mm is my favourite instrument for all extractions, even tiny roots. It really makes a tooth easy to extract by loosening and providing a space for the forceps to hold the root. There’s a curved version for inter-proximal areas and a 3mm one for smaller roots but the 5mm Straight is a great all-round tool.

The Laster Cheek Retractor makes working on upper 8s easy. There’s less chance of displacement of third molars into adjacent anatomical spaces—such as the infratemporal fossa, the pterygomandibular space, the maxillary sinus, buccal space, or the lateral pharyngeal space—during surgical interventions as the end of the retractor sits behind the tooth stopping it moving posteriorly into these spaces. It retracts the cheek very well, allowing for better access to the upper wisdom tooth.

What’s not so good about it

The Anterior Fine Forceps 29N are straight so you need to be careful of the lower teeth and lip when doing extractions posteriorly. The Straight Luxator 5mm needs to be sharpened on occasion and care must be taken so the tip doesn’t get any chips. The Laster Cheek Retractor is great—just a simple tool that does its job extremely well.

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