Tools of the trade-Galileos Comfort Plus


Galileos_Plusby Dr Harry Marget, East Bentleigh Dental Group, VIC

This state-of-the-art cone beam machine has transformed how we operate our daily practice with its accurate 3D diagnostic tools. Having the ability to produce patient information quickly and simply completes the circle of accuracy and delivery that’s so often required today.

What’s good about it

The advantages of owning this machine are numerous. It has diagnostic capabilities that can be used for a wide variety of cases, including implants, every form of surgery and endodontic analysis.

The Galileos has the ability to rapidly create an image that can be fully manipulated. The user can look at both neurovascular and anatomical structures in all aspects.

It’s an invaluable tool for all types of operative dentistry where accurate diagnosis is essential. Pinpoint accuracy is possible in regard to the placement of implants and dental pins. When performing any kind of oral surgery, the Galileos becomes the operator’s friend.

To ascertain and develop a sleep apnoea practice without the use of such a tool would be virtually impossible. The delivery of appliances requires such accurate analysis of the jaw joints and the occlusal vertical dimension that this tool is an essential component.

What’s not so good

There is quite a steep learning curve in the use of this machine. However, in recent weeks, all our operators have achieved a high level of proficiency and skill. They are now very comfortable using the Galileos and appreciate the fact that it’s literally downstairs and available at all times.

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