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by Dr Parisa Hedayatmofidi, 7 to 7 Dentist, Wyoming, NSW

Gelatamp is a haemostatic sponge that’s placed in the socket after a tooth has been extracted. It’s a simple little product that works extremely well. 

What’s good about it

Gelatamp is a gelatine sponge that fills the socket and absorbs the blood. It provides a scaffold, stabilises the clot and starts wound-healing immediately after extraction. The sponge is biocompatible and is absorbed by the body over time. There’s no need to remove it. 

Gelatamp contains colloidal silver that has antimicrobial properties and helps prevent infection. As it absorbs blood and swells, it fits tightly in the socket. This stops saliva and food particles entering the wound, further reducing the risk of infection, keeping the clot safe. 

It’s handy when a single patient is undergoing multiple extractions. Whether you’re doing a full clearance or taking out a couple of teeth, putting these sponges in place will stop blood flooding the area. Working conditions are much better when the mouth is not bloody and messy. 

What’s not so good 

Some patients complain about a foul taste or smell after a couple of days. If it does fall out, patients may ring the practice in a bit of a panic. I just tell them everything is fine and to throw the sponge away. 

Where did you get it

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