Tools of the trade: Gelatamp

haemostatic sponge

by Dr John Xu, Marketplace Dental Centre, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Gelatamp is a gelatine sponge that can be used to stop bleeding after the removal of a tooth. It helps to preserve the extraction socket and enhance healing. It’s basically a haemostatic agent with a whole lot of added benefits.

What’s good about it

Gelatamp is applied to the wound straight after an extraction. The sponge will absorb the patient’s blood, fill the wound cavity, and stabilise the blood clot. 

Gelatamp contains colloidal silver which is a very effective compound to fight a wide spectrum of bacteria and secondary infection after tooth removal. It keeps the socket nice and clean and will fully dissolve within a week or two. Once it’s in position, it will keep the blood clot in place and help with coagulation of the socket.

I use Geletamp for all my extractions, especially with the surgical removal of wisdom teeth. There is no further treatment needed after placement of Gelatamp in the socket and if required, it can be sutured. Since I’ve started using Gelatamp, patients rarely come back with a dry socket.

Gelatamp can be stored in a cupboard at room temperature and it has a very long shelf life. There are other products similar to this but Gelatamp is much more cost effective. 

What’s not so good

Gelatamp has a cubic shape so while they’re really good at holding a blood clot in volume, it may not be suitable with some implant cases. An alternative product with a mesh-like material is probably better suited for implant work.

Where did you get it

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