Tools of the trade: Global microsurgeon’s chair


1252566287_chair2by Dr Clem Maloof, Earlwood Dental Services, Earlwood, NSW

I purchased a microscope and this stool in 2005. The arm support gives you a steady hand and eliminates shoulder pain. The funny thing is, you often don’t realise how much tension is in your shoulders until you use a stool like this. Then it’s an irreversible move; it’s like getting off a donkey and into a car.

What’s good about it

As well as steadying your hand, it supports your body and keeps your working distance consistent. This means you can work with a far more relaxed posture. You don’t slouch and hurt your back. Once you have the dental chair height preset, the stool levels you to your working distance automatically. While it is possible to perform fine motor movements without support, the elbow rests allow you to move around the mouth more comfortably with support other than from finger rests.

This is a robustly made, high-quality stool. It has three adjustments that enable excellent customisation—seat incline, height of chair and back rest support. The height of the elbow rests can be increased or decreased so it can be adjusted to suit differing torso heights.

The other thing I like about the stool is that it has a foot rest. You don’t always use it but it’s nice to have the option.

It’s very easy for dentists to spend eight or nine hours a day in a chair. Why would you not want the best chair available?

What’s not so good

The arm rests are often at the same height as the head of the patient so when turning the chair, you need to be careful not to knock the patient’s head. The arm rests can be moved out of the way easily.

Where did you get it

Inline systems.


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