Tools of the trade: Heine loupes with LED microlight



The Heine loupes with LED microlight
The Heine loupes with LED microlight

By Dr Bradley Xue, The Smile Team, Balwyn North, VIC


Having used loupes alone for many years, I first tried Heine loupes with a light at a trade show about 12 months ago. While magnification is great for dentistry, it is the attached light source that makes the big difference in allowing all areas of the mouth to be seen clearly and easily. The combination of loupes with the LED light has exceeded my expectations.


What’s good about it

It’s a very reliable piece of equipment that feels well made. The light is specifically designed to fit onto the frame of the loupes. It’s very lightweight and the battery life is excellent. It lasts about 17 hours which means you get a full day’s use without the need to recharge. There are often periods of time when I only use the loupes for selective procedures and then the battery only needs to be recharged every two or three weeks.

The loupes are great for general restorative fillings, bridge work and endodontic treatment. What may have been tricky and awkward areas of the mouth in the past can now be treated with greater confidence and less stress.

When looking at a few different areas quite quickly, the loupes with a light are a much more practical option than an operating microscope.

Upon purchase, a customer representative fits them to suit your eye. You can also adjust them yourself which is handy and pretty easy to do.


What’s not so good

It’s priced a little bit towards the upper end of the market but taking into account what it allows in delivering predictable quality treatment results, I think it’s great value for money.


Where did you get it

I purchased it at a trade show directly from Heine.


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  1. Heine loupes are absolutely horrible and they market them as high quality german component, but mine most pieces broke in the first year and the service was very bad (contrary to what they pretend). I would strongly not recommend this product.


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