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light cured bonding resin

by Dr Kate Chen, Perfect Smile, Adelaide, SA

Heliobond is a light cured bonding resin. It’s a product I use when I’m creating mock-ups with composite.

What’s good about it

When I’m shaping composite to make a mock-up, my assistant places a small amount of Heliobond on the back of my left glove. I use all the normal tools but tend to use my fingers to finish the mock-up and smooth out everything. I then add a little Heliobond to bring the mock-up to life. It creates the effect of a veneer without going through a polish. 

A nice-looking mock-up is very important. The patient decides to spend thousands of dollars based on their appearance. Your treatment plan is sold during those first five minutes. Heliobond doesn’t have a yellow sheen when it’s placed on the composite so it gives a true colour. Just a small amount of Heliobond can really make the end result shine.

I find patients are a lot more engaged if I make a mock-up in front of them as they can see the effort that’s put in. I truly enjoy creating mock-ups and watching patients as their new look is shaped in front of their eyes.

What’s not so good

The product has a fairly short working time and cures very quickly. Sometimes, it sets on my glove and my assistant will have to wipe it off and place another amount. It’s not a major problem; just something to keep in mind when working with the product.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein

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