Tools of the trade: HiSense 40-inch digital television


digital_televisionby Dr Ammu Ruby, Cranbourne North Dental, VIC

We had this TV mounted in the ceiling directly above the patient chair. It’s quite large so when the patient is reclined, they can see the screen easily. It’s also been angled so even if the light is bright and we’re working right in front of their face, they can still see a pretty sizeable portion of the TV.

What’s good about it

Patients love watching the TV as it takes their mind off the procedure. We have a range of DVDs but the favourite is undoubtedly Mr. Bean. It works really well because no sound is required. I’ve had occasions when I thought patients were seizing up but they were just laughing at Mr Bean.

The television is particularly useful when seeing children. It calms them down and they are not concerned with what we’re doing to their teeth. We have a range of the newer animated movies and we usually give the kids a choice.

It’s essential that the television be positioned properly in the ceiling. I’ve worked in another practice where the patients could barely see the screen. Another practice had a corner-mounted TV that was of no use to anyone.

Watching a show or a movie effectively takes the patient’s mind off the procedure. I believe that every practice should have a ceiling-mounted TV. It’s a relatively cheap way to add a little ‘wow’ factor and patients genuinely appreciate it.

What’s not so good

Sometimes, when I’m explaining something to the kids, they don’t listen because they’re watching TV. There are also times when it can be a bit difficult to get the kids out of the chair because they want to finish a movie.

Where did you get it

The Good Guys

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