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by Dr Nishan Soomessur, St Lucia Dental, QLD

Hismile is a tooth whitening system that’s used and applied like most other systems. Its big point of difference is that it doesn’t utilise hydrogen peroxide as a whitening agent. Instead, it contains phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP).

What’s good about it

Hismile is superior to other whitening systems as there is little to no sensitivity after application. There’s no soft tissue irritation or damage. Products that contain hydrogen peroxide require the application of a liquid dam as a barrier. Gel needs to be spread on the gums before the whitening agent is applied.

The benefit of using Hismile to the patient is that there is no discomfort or irritation. The benefit to the clinician is that it saves a good 15 minutes with each appointment. And as we all know, in dentistry, time is money.

The results are equal to any other system without any of the negative side effects. Hismile makes home whitening kits but Hismile Professional is designed for use by dentists. It’s applied in the traditional manner and activated with a violet light. This reduces heating and adds to the comfort of the patient.

Our patients are very happy with the results, particularly those who have had a bit of discomfort from hydrogen peroxide in the past. 

What’s not so good

It still requires three to four 15-minute sessions so there will be at least an hour of chair time. It would be wonderful if that time could be reduced but it would require increasing the percentage of PAP and that could lead to negative side effects.

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