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by Dr Carolina Jackson, Little Smiles Family Dental, Mona Vale, NSW

Hot Doc is a booking system that allows the patient to make their own appointments using their smartphone or computer. They can enter all their details and medical history and then book the appointment for a time that suits them. 

What’s good about it

Patients can make bookings 24/7. Reception will then confirm the booking during business hours and a confirmation SMS is sent. The system also sends reminders as the booking date gets closer.

Plus, you can add information or advertisements about your practice to the reminders. Using Hot Doc dramatically improves efficiency. Trying to make a family booking over the phone can be a lengthy and frustrating process. When four kids all have after-school activities on different days, it’s going to take the receptionist at least 15 minutes to book them all in. When mum or dad can make the booking from home at a convenient time, it’s much easier. 

Details like email and addresses are more accurate when entered by the patient too. Hot Doc is a subscription service and there’s an extra fee for sending SMS. It’s still much cheaper than making all the appointments manually.

What’s not so good

HotDoc doesn’t integrate directly with our Dental4Windows software. The patient access doesn’t flow directly through to our software. There’s a button within HotDoc that communicates in another window with Dental4Windows, and from there you have access to the patient file. It’s a three-step process. Our receptionist manually adds the bookings to our system.

Where did you get it

Hot Doc 

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