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by Dr Paul Coceancig, Profilo Surgical, Surry Hills, NSW 

As an oral and maxillofacial specialist, I use IMDO distractors for the treatment of kids with big overjets. These devices can easily convert Class II to Class 1 very efficiently.

What’s good about it

Kids with big overjets usually have crowded teeth and often suffer from sleep apnoea. IMDO widens and lengthens the lower jaw over a couple of weeks. It works in the same way as an expander and can be adjusted by the parents at home. Patients and parents are sometimes nervous about the procedure but it’s painless and the results are rapid. It works best with teenagers and they can go to school, talk and eat without any problems. If the procedure is done between the ages of 12 and 14, it lessens the chance of wisdom teeth surgery being needed in the future. 

The IMDO distractors convert Class II children very quickly. The distractors grow the lower jaw forward at a rate of 1mm a day to a maximum of 16.5mm. Two to six-weeks after treatment has started, their bites are completely Class I. Invisalign can then be used to uncrowd and straighten the teeth. Six to 12 months later, we have happy children and parents. Patients have returned regularly over the years and we find they sleep, breathe and look better. Our Invisalign practice has grown exponentially due to the revolutionary way of treating Class II overjets with the IMDO system.

What’s not so good

The negative is that medical insurance, not dental insurance, pays for the hardware. Clients who only have dental insurance are left to pick up the bill.

Where did you get it

KLS Martin Australia

For more information about jaw surgery, Dr Coceancig’s book, 6 Ways to Design a Face: Corrective Jaw Surgery to Optimize Bite, Airway, and Facial Balance, is available online.

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