Tools of the trade: Injex

Injex injection system
The Injex injection system

by Dr Ines Nurboja, Ryde Family Dentist, Ryde, NSW


I received a brochure for this product and ordered it without trying it. It is a completely needle-free anesthetic delivery system. It has a very wide range of applications but is also being marketed to dentists. It has even been featured on a couple of television current affairs shows.


What’s good about it

It administers the anesthetic by using pressure. Once the gun is in the correct position, a button is pushed and the anesthetic is shot straight into the gum.

The effects are very localised. When patients receive upper anesthesia, they tend to walk out of here looking like they’ve had a stroke. They can’t move their lip and it’s really obvious when they smile. With this system, there is no numbness of the soft tissue and because a smaller dose is administered, it wears off a lot quicker.


What’s not so good

I thought it would be good for kids because they tend to panic the moment they see a needle. However, it hasn’t worked out as well as I’d hoped. I find that it causes quite a bit of bleeding which children find upsetting. It appears to be traumatic to the tissue as it shoots the liquid like a bullet.

There’s also a loud clicking noise when the button is depressed. Even when using it with an adult, you really have to give them a warning. And when I used it on myself, I discovered it’s not completely painless like they claim.

I’ll keep using it, particularly on needle-phobic adults, but not on children. Even though this system is quicker, I can give a normal injection almost painlessly—it just takes a little longer.


Where did you get it



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  1. it sounds like you should contact Dr Sigal Jacobson from Dental Art in Melbourn, she does injex trainig, over the phone too its so simple, just use it like a conventional syringe.


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