Tools of the trade: Isodam


non-latex rubber damby Dr Bruno Lim, Cranbourne North Dental, VIC

Isodam is a non-latex rubber dam. This makes it suitable to use with people who have a latex allergy but I also find it to be a superior product to regular rubber dams.

What’s good about it

Rubber dams can be finicky to put on as they are quite thick and tear relatively easily. Isodam is a great alternative that is much easier to get around the teeth. I can fit one on a patient with a full set of teeth in well under five minutes. Due to the thickness of a rubber dam, it is often a struggle to fit them between the teeth. There is no doubt that Isodam is a time saver.

Isodams are very thin, stretchable and much less likely to tear. They do everything a rubber dam does but are easier to fit and can take more punishment.

I use Isodam for the majority of my procedures. I only use a rubber dam for single tooth isolation as I don’t need the properties of an Isodam. In cases that involve multiple teeth I use Isodam 100 per cent of the time.

Patients would not be aware of the difference between the two types of dams but they still benefit from Isodam. It goes on easily with less struggle and ultimately the patient spends less time in the chair.

What’s not so good

It’s a bit more expensive than a regular rubber dam but well worth the cost.

Where did you get it

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