Tools of the trade: Isovac 1


by Dr Heath Fraser, Avenue Dental Kawana, QLD

suction unit

There are a few different models of the Isovac available but I have the Isovac 1. This is the basic unit that can be used with any chair. It doesn’t require any special attachments; it just hooks onto the high-speed suction nozzle.

What’s good about it

Some patients can’t tolerate rubber dams but have no problem with the Isovac as it creates a less claustrophobic feeling. It also integrates a bite block so they can just kick back, watch Netflix and not worry about anything. 

It’s shaped like a mouthpiece and retracts the cheek and tongue while keeping the area as dry as possible. Suction runs right through the whole mouthpiece so there’s suction at every little point in the working field. It eliminates humidity and the working space is very visible. Using the Isovac frees up a nurse and allows the dentist to work independently. 

Patients really love the Isovac and find it more comfortable than a rubber dam. The feedback I’ve received has all been very positive—patients don’t have to worry about swallowing or holding their mouth open.

When the Isovac is in place, you can work on two quadrants, upper and lower right or upper and lower left. It allows you to undertake quadrant dentistry very efficiently which in turn speeds up the workflow.

What’s not so good

The mouthpiece comes in three different sizes but they are only single use. This means there’s an additional cost to using the Isovac. The section that connects to the high-speed suction is autoclaveable but is fairly expensive to purchase. I’ve been using Isovac for five years and have replaced a couple of units in that time.

Where did you get it

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