Tools of the trade: Itero

Itero: more accurate than anything you can do with impression material.

by Dr Arnaldo Avenia, Dental Options, Brisbane, QLD


When I purchased my Itero in September 2010, I was the 10th customer in Australia. It’s a digital imaging system that replaces the need to take a final impression after completing a crown preparation.


What’s good about it

Instead of filling the patient’s mouth with impression material, fitting a tray and waiting five or six minutes for it to set, you simply take a series of shots. For a single crown, about 21 images are needed—eight shots of the opposing arch, 10-12 shots of the arch where the tooth is prepared, and two shots of the teeth together in occlusion.

These images are then emailed directly to Canada where a machine turns all that information into a three-dimensional model. My technician receives this perfectly machined model within five working days. The crown is a perfect fit and no adjustments are necessary because it’s so dimensionally accurate.

Each digital image produced by the Itero records 100,000 reference points. It certainly beats what we do with impression materials.

It’s a real time saver and patients—particularly those with a gagging problem—are much happier not facing the impression material. There is no mess and less lab work afterwards. The technicians absolutely love it.

The Itero is also a mobile unit and can be shifted between surgeries.


What’s not so good

At the moment all information is sent to the one machine in Canada. However, a new dental surgery is being built in Wagga Wagga [NSW] and the Itero people are keen to have all model production for the Southern Hemisphere manufactured there.

The head size of the camera unit is quite large and can be difficult to position in some cases.


Where did you get it



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