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by Dr Dail Kim, Riverside Dental, Nerang, QLD

I’m a board member for the Australian Association of Laser Dentistry. The K2 is a soft tissue laser that’s a little different to others. Similar diode lasers are corded which means the movement can be restricted. The K2 is cordless with no foot controls; it’s completely button activated. It offers virtually unrestricted mobility.

What’s good about it

This is a lightweight laser that weighs 100 grams with the battery. It also comes with a spare battery so you can have one charging while using the other. This means there’s no downtime. A fully charged battery has plenty of power to get through the week.

I mainly use it for soft tissue contours during restorative and prosthodontic preparations, as well as excision of soft tissue lesions. Conventional laser designs can be difficult to angle correctly. The K2 has a tiltable head and the optic fibre of the laser bends, allowing access to even the most challenging areas.

The tiltable head makes it very useful for disinfecting canals during root canal treatment—even the mesial canals of the second molars. This laser also provides photobiomodulation, assisting tissue to regenerate and heal quicker. It’s very effective at reducing swelling.

I’ve used many other brands of lasers and while most are awesome products, I believe the K2 is one of the best on the market and best in class. Once it’s unpacked from the box, it’s ready to go. It just needs to be turned on and a PIN entered. The mobility, versatility and convenience of this cordless laser is outstanding.

What’s not so good

This laser uses a flexible fibre optic cable to accommodate the tiltable head. The fibre optic cable is adjustable but it can be problematic when you don’t realise you’ve just used the last bit of fibre. A new fibre must be fitted or, worse still, ordered. That’s the one time the convenience side of things can be a disadvantage.

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