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OPG unit

by Dr Agim Hymer, FirstBite Dental, Essendon, VIC

During the 24 years I’ve been running my practice, I’ve always had an OPG machine. The KaVo OP 3D is the fifth machine I’ve owned and is definitely the best so far. 

What’s good about it

I love it because it does everything. It takes great images, it’s not hard to use, and the service from Australian Imaging is excellent. If something’s not right, they come and fix it straight away.

We paid a bit extra to get the unit with a larger field of view. All our new patients get OPGs taken as a base line. We do a lot of implants and that requires the use of the 3D CBCT component. All our orthodontic work utilises the lateral ceph component. I also do a lot of TMJ work and the tomograms are excellent. We get maximum value out of the unit because we use the entire machine.

OPG machines are getting faster and faster, and this unit provides results within seconds. When taking several X-rays, I can do it immediately. I don’t have to wait. The older machines had to cool down, whereas this machine can keep taking image after image. There’s no lag time. When we need to refer to specialists, we’re able to email the images directly from the machine.

What’s not so good

If you want a unit with everything, you’ll need to pay a premium. It’s important to be sensible about how much use you’re going to get out of each add-on. If you’ll go to that extra expense, ensure you’re going to use all the components.

Where did you get it

Australian Imaging

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