Tools of the trade: LM-Arte Complete Kit


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by Dr Britt Hakim, The Grove Dental, Rouse Hill, NSW

This range of eight instruments is used for composite restorations, primarily anterior aesthetic work. They have exceptionally fine tips that are very helpful in providing beautiful results.

What’s good about it

Each instrument has a specific function, whether it’s for packing the composite or for use in interproximal areas. 

They are very well-made instruments. The handle is silicone and fits nicely in your hand so you don’t lose your grip. They’re lightweight and the tips are well shaped and very smooth. They are also angled in such a way that they’re comfortable and easily access all areas of the tooth.

I’m a stickler for detail and the tips are so fine, I can do very intricate work. Some of the tips are only 0.2 of a millimetre. I use these instruments with all of my anterior restorations. 

The handles are colour-coded which makes for easy communication with my DA. I just ask for the green one or the blue one and there’s no chance of miscommunication. The LM-Arte instruments can be purchased in a set of five, a set of eight, or individually. I really can’t imagine working without them.

What’s not so good

As they are so fine tipped, they’re quite fragile. When they’re being autoclaved, they need to be handled gently or they can be broken.

Where did you get it

Troll Dental

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