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LogiBlockby Dr Roslyn Dick, Rochedale Dental Group, Rochedale, QLD


I’m fairly specific about which bite block I use, and I prefer the green and purple. Logi Blocs supplied by Amalgadent. They are c-shaped and positioned on the opposite side of the mouth from where you are working. I prefer to refer to them as ‘jaw support’ as it’s a more patient-friendly description.


What’s good about it

The main advantage is that they are fairly compact compared to other models on the market. They are also designed with a space for the evacuator to fit between the upper and lower teeth. I find that a real benefit.

The green jaw support is slightly larger than the purple one. There may be other sizes available but in my experience these two are adequate for most people.

Most of my patients like the jaw support, and many ask for it to be used. By supporting the jaw, this simple device helps to relieve any muscle tension that is associated with holding your mouth wide open when visiting the dentist. I’ve also had them used when I was a patient, so I know that they are comfortable.

Logi Bloc is not a new product—I’ve been using them for over 10 years—but they certainly make things easier and more comfortable for patients and dentists.


What’s not so good

Occasionally, if a patient is a gagger or has sensitive reflexes, then they are better off without it. The majority of my patients, however, prefer to have it in during a treatment appointment. I have seen some other bite blocks advertised with a fitted evacuator but I suspect that might make them too bulky.


Where did you get it



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