Tools of the trade: Loupes and LumaDent ProLux headlight


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loupes and headlight

by Dr Biljana Taleski, Word of Mouth Dentistry, Kogarah, NSW

I have used various other loupes in the past, but they always felt heavy and uncomfortable. When I visited the LumaDent exhibition at the ADX show in Sydney, I tried its Galilean loupes. I purchased them soon afterwards.

What’s good about it

My loupes have 3.0X magnification which I find to be ideal for my own clinical practice. An Osseo representative came to my practice and took all the required measurements. She was very helpful and answered all my questions. When my loupes arrived, they felt comfortable from the moment I put them on. It only took a few days for me to adjust to these new loupes. They help me maintain a comfortable posture at my ideal working distance. 

The ProLux light illuminates the working area brightly and uniformly. The battery pack is kept in my pocket with the cord secured by a clip. I had tried loupes with the battery attached to the headpiece, but these felt unbalanced with the battery weight resting on my head. I much prefer the ProLux set-up. The battery life is outstanding, lasting two full working days between charges at full brightness. 

The clarity of the working field of the loupes is very good. They’re comfortable to wear throughout the day, easy on my eyes, and have made my working life much easier.

What’s not so good

Some may not like that these loupes are not adjustable. If you have them professionally measured and fitted, there should be no need for any further adjustments.

Where did you get it

Osseo Group

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