Tools of the trade: Lumindex 3 Transilluminator


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by Dr Jasper Lee, Shepherds Hill Dental Centre, Adelaide, SA

I purchased a Lumindex 3 in 2021 when I was a recent dental graduate. I wanted to improve my diagnostic game when undertaking new patient examinations. It really helps with the early detection of approximal caries.

What’s good about it

The Lumindex 3 has a very focused white LED light that can shine through tooth enamel and dentine. It clearly shows if there is any decay or cracks and identifies any restorative margins. It’s an effective way to visualise teeth. As a diagnostic tool, I’ve found it handy at identifying issues quickly. 

It’s a good way to identify questionable areas, particularly in the anterior zone. It allows you to see interproximal decay very easily. If you use normal light, sometimes you see the shadow of the teeth on top of each other and that can mask interproximal decay. As the light from the Lumnidex shines through the tooth, it allows you to identify the full extent of the decay.

It’s great for identifying D1 lesions and I can inform patients that I’ve found early-stage decay. Depending on the state of their oral hygiene, I might put a bit of fluoride on there and monitor it carefully. I would also take some routine X-rays to have clinical proof before eventually undertaking a restoration.

The handpiece is battery-powered and it will stay charged throughout the course of a day. I use AAA rechargeable batteries with one set in the unit and one set on the charger.

What’s not so good

From a posterior standpoint, it’s more difficult to see interproximal decay, particularly on molars. I tend to use other clinical techniques such as tactile sensation and X-rays to confirm. To maintain infection control, a plastic sleeve needs to cover the unit. The downside is that there’s more plastic waste.

Where did you get it

Osseo Group

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