Tools of the trade: Lythos Digital Impression System


Lythos_MOCK-v3by Dr Derek Mahony, Full Face Orthodontics, Randwick, Parramatta, Cremorne & Miranda, NSW

I’ve been in practice for 25 years and I have to keep all my patients’ study models for seven years after I removed their braces. I have three storage facilities that hold about 150,000 models. Now, with this new scanning system, everything is digital and stored in the cloud. To me that’s a real godsend—it’s worth it just for that.

What’s good about it

A wand is placed in the mouth and in seven minutes, it will record a whole upper and lower arch, and produce a very accurate e-model. This system captures the data in real time while all other scanners use post process stitching—a method that requires high-definition scans from different angles. Those scans are put back together to form a cross-stitch image and invariably there is a loss of accuracy.

The e-model can be used to show patients their teeth before treatment begins or it can be used to make appliances. The digital results are open platform which means they can be sent to any laboratory. Other scanners are locked into one laboratory and can’t be used by any other system.

The Lythos system works perfectly well in a wet environment and doesn’t require powder before taking a scan. The patients have nothing placed in their mouth that may induce the gag reflex.

It also has a touch-screen monitor that makes it very easy to rotate the models when you are entering the patient’s data.

What’s not so good

It’s bulkier than I would like but that’s because it’s new technology. Just like mobile phones, I would expect later generations to be smaller and weigh less.

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