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fine diamond margin burs

by Dr Ellie Mehr, Dental Residence, Petersham, NSW

These burs provide fine polishing and finishing, creating smooth margins. They help maintain marginal integrity and promote the health of the surrounding tissue.

What’s good about it

The most common procedure every dentist undertakes is restorations. We all know that achieving a good interproximal contact is very important. Some research shows that around 40 per cent of restorations have overhangs, especially on the distal aspect of the teeth. You also see it with anterior composite veneers.

The Margin burs are the finest diamond burs I’ve ever used and create an amazing margin. A bad margin can exacerbate periodontal inflammation and causes lots of other issues. These burs ensure these problems don’t arise.

All teeth have different morphology in the cervical area and a faulty restoration technique can cause an overhang. It’s always time-consuming to trim the overhang. The margin burs come in two different lengths: a longer one of six millimetres and a shorter one of 3.5 millimetres. They’re also available in three different grits: fine, super fine and extra super fine.

They’re great for removing Invisalign attachments and interproximal reduction with any type of cleat aligner or orthodontic treatment. The diameter of the tip is 0.2mm so if you need to trim and check proximal surface of the teeth, it’s much easier than using the strips that are moved back and forth.

What’s not so good

You need to be careful as these burs are so fine, they can bend quite easily. If it’s going to happen, it will be the first time you use one. Once you get a feel for them, you’ll be fine.

Where did you get it

1122 Corp

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