Tools of the trade: Mectron Unit PiezoSurgery Touch


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PiezoSurgery unit

by Dr Dinesh Erlewad, Dental at Forest Hill, VIC

The PiezoSurgery Touch is a far superior way to cut bone compared to burs and saws. It uses ultrasonic vibrations for minimally invasive surgery with no damage to soft tissue.

What’s good about it

When planning for implant placement, the reservation of the remaining alveolar bone is the utmost priority. The traditional way of extraction can cause excessive bone loss and uses a lot of force. Not only does the PiezoSurgery Touch allow for the preservation of the alveolar bone, but by retaining good bone volume, there is effective implant osseointegration. This is the basis of providing successful implants.

All PiezoSurgery uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone. The big advantage of the PiezoSurgery Touch is that it stops functioning when it comes in contact with soft tissues, particularly the gums, nerves and blood vessels. It is very effective when sectioning a tooth and allows for much more accurate surgery.

Post-operative trauma and patient discomfort are reduced. The Touch comes with different attachments for different situations. For example, it can be used with endodontics, calcification, canal openings, wisdom teeth surgeries, and implant placement. It also has a perio option and can be used for debridement.

We do a lot of implants and extractions so I use this unit daily, and have had no issues with it in the two years I’ve owned it.

What’s not so good

If the titanium coated tips are not used judiciously or in the correct way, there is a chance of damaging them. If you do break a tip, they are expensive to replace.

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