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by Dr Kim Lu, AI Dental, Ormeau, QLD

The Medit i500 scans very quickly. We purchased it so our patients don’t have to undergo a mouthful of goop while we take an impression.

What’s good about it

Taking an impression with alginate is uncomfortable, claustrophobic and can cause a lot of gagging. This scanner has a small head that goes in the mouth and takes a 3D digital scan. As patients are able to breathe through their mouth with the scanner in there, they stay calm and don’t gag. The unit takes hundreds of photos and stitches them together, resulting in a very accurate and high-quality scan. 

When scanners first came on the market, I wasn’t impressed. I tested it out on myself, taking a scan and an impression. Back then, the impression was far more accurate. Now that technology has advanced so incredibly, the quality and accuracy of the scans is amazing. I purchased this unit about two years ago when scanners became reliably predictable.

The Medit is easy to use and very intuitive. While you’re scanning, the screen on the laptop shows you exactly where you are in the mouth. All you need to do is watch the screen and run the scan. If you should make an error, you can just go back, delete it, and re-scan the same area. 

I’d recommend this unit to any clinic that’s considering purchasing a scanner. It’s fast, useful, accurate and records can be kept digitally. If you’re still taking alginate impressions, you’ll find this scanner to be revolutionary.

What’s not so good

It’s reliant on technology, and technology doesn’t always work in our favour. Sometimes, it suddenly needs to be connected to the internet, or the internet’s down, or the server’s down. There are always those background issues but they actually happen very rarely.

Where did you get it

Pacific Dental Specialties

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