Tools of the trade: MediVision


by Dr Simon Shanahan, Southbridge Dental, South Perth, WA


The Medivision software integrates with PracticeWorks but can also stand alone. It is a suite of programs that forms a Clinical Information Centre (CiC). This interactive computer-based program helps you explain conditions, procedures and treatment options to your patients. It can be used by anyone in the practice whether it’s a dentist, hygienist, treatment coordinator, practice manager or senior nurse.


What’s good about it

It contains over 220 resources including still shots of clinical conditions and treatments, animations that will play over a monitor or TV, and more than 120 leaflets that cover just about everything we need to explain on a day-to-day basis.

It has the ability to personalise the leaflets with my practice logo and address. Coupling this with the ability to easily access the program via my PracticeWorks software means there is a professional seamlessness to the education of the patient.

These days it’s paramount to adequately inform and fully explain procedures, give all options and advise best treatment. Communication has always been the key to success in practice and Medivision does not remove the need for a human touch. That said, with the level of complexity of possible treatments and the legal need to give all details, the Medivision program is a real benefit. Of course, you could do it all yourself but this is a real time saver.


What’s not so good

There are so many options, you are spoiled for choice and end up not exploiting it to its full potential. As this is a new purchase, I still need to vet the actual detail in all of the offerings to ensure they accord with my belief and philosophy of treatment.


Where did you get it

Carestream Dental.


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