Tools of the trade: Meta Sinus Smartlift kit

sinus lift kit

by Dr Nishant Vaishnav, Ashton Avenue Dental Practice, Perth, WA

The Smartlift kit is used to perform a minimally invasive maxillary sinus lift with a crestal approach. 

What’s good about it

I found this kit quite appealing because it’s atraumatic, minimally invasive and delivers what it promises. The kit makes the procedure simple and straightforward—you just have to follow the steps. 

We perform this procedure frequently with most cases being for the maxillary arch. When we do implants, we generally need some sort of sinus augmentation. Using this kit, I have achieved lifts of nine or 10 millimetres without any problems.

The step-by-step procedure allows you to fully understand how you’re going to do the osteotomy and prepare the bed. The technology uses autogenous bone, autografted to lift up the sinus membrane. The first layer is always the patient’s own bone and the instruments are designed to protect the sinus lining. You just need to follow four or five steps.

What’s not so good

The kit is restricted to a residual bone height of five millimetres. If it’s less than five millimetres, the first two steps cannot be completed. The first drill is 3.5 millimetres in length, so if the height of the residual bone is less than 4.5 millimetres, you would struggle. There’s also a limit in regard to width. This kit will not work with a narrow implant of 3.3 millimetres. The kit is designed to be used on the posterior arch where there is less need for narrow implants.

Where did you get it

Pacific Dental Specialities

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