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by Dr Kimberly Ivett, Avant Garde Dentist, Waterloo, NSW

What’s good about it

There are notable advantages to the MGUIDE Implant System. We have a Carestreatm CBCT machine and our scans are transferred immediately to the MoreDent Laboratory. There, they are overlayed with the patient’s Trios 3 intraoral scans. Utilising all this accurate information, the MGuide video proposal is emailed back within a few days, ready for assessment. 

Technicians are available for consultation, if required, or if it all looks good, the procedure can be approved. The guide templates are what makes this system work so well. Whether the dentist is undertaking a tissue punch closed implant or opening flaps, the guides are stable, easy to place, and have excellent visibility. 

Regardless of the complexity of cases, the MGUIDE system is efficient and has significantly enhanced our workflow. Procedures are smoother for dentists and patients, whether single or multiple units are being placed.

Initially I was concerned that the MoreDent laboratory is located in Melbourne. There are Sydney-based reps, however, and all components have arrived on time.

What’s not so good

It takes a bit of time to get used to the drill kit sequence. It’s different to the straightforward flow to which I was accustomed, but after a couple of uses, it becomes second nature.

Where did you get it


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