Tools of the trade: Morita TwinPower Turbine 45 degrees


TwinPower-Ultra-PAR-4HUMX-Oby Dr Jana Currall, NB Dental, Ashgrove, QLD


I mainly use this high-speed handpiece for removing bone during surgical procedures. I first came across it a couple of years ago when I worked in Darwin and we purchased one for this practice about 18 months ago.

What’s good about it

While an ordinary high-speed drill will spray air and water, this one holds back the air. When cutting bone, it’s important not to use a drill that’s expelling air or you could end up with an embolism.

Previously, I had to use a high-speed handpiece without air and water. A nurse was required to squirt saline or sterile water in the area as I cut. It was more difficult and took a lot longer.

The TwinPower’s head is on a 45-degree angle that makes it easier to get into tricky spots at the back of the mouth. It also has a very high torque and a fibre optic light that allows you to see everything very well.

This handpiece is fantastic for cutting bone but works just as well at cutting tooth. It’s great for taking out wisdom teeth.

We order special surgical burs to use with this handpiece as it has a friction grip that will grab on to any smooth shanked bur.

What’s not so good

A separate coupling is required to connect it to our Sirona chairs. It’s not just a quick clip-on and clip-off like other high speeds. It would be easier if there were matching couplings but it’s really only a minor problem. It doesn’t take long to swap over.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

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