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by Dr Melissa Murray, Striking Smile, Rose Bay, NSW

A Munchee looks like a double-sided mouthguard that’s made of soft, chewable plastic. Even though its main use is with children, it comes in a range of different sizes with the largest suitable for adults. This device encourages healthy oral development.

What’s good about it

If it’s used early enough with a child who has an open bite from dummy sucking, it will effectively correct the problem. It will also turn a mouth breather into a nose breather, which is very important in dental health. It can also, if used at the correct stage of development, decrease the need and length of orthodontic treatment.

The Munchee has soft spiked filaments inside the mouthguard. When the child chews on it, they activate the receptors in the bone and gum, and remodel the bite. Children slowly increase the time they are chewing on the Munchee until they reach 10 minutes, twice a day. They need to use it for about six months.

While it can also be used with adults, the results aren’t as dramatic. When fitting clear aligners, it would help the teeth move faster. I tend to only use it with children and the results have been brilliant. While it helps fix an open bite, parents are also pleased with the aesthetic improvement in their child’s smile.

What’s not so good

There can be a bit of resistance to using the Munchee. It’s important to slowly increase the amount of time it’s used over a week or so. If the child has a heightened gag reflex, they will find it difficult to tolerate. 

Where did you get it

Myo Munchee

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