Tools of the trade: MyoMate

orofacial measuring tool

by Carly Oliver, oral health therapist, Withers Dental, Toowoomba, QLD 

The MyoMate is a great orofacial measuring tool I use on a daily basis in our dental practice. It’s especially useful for taking records of our orthodontic and TMD patients. 

What’s good about it 

It’s versatile and combines multiple measuring tools into one nifty device. There are two versions of the MyoMate—single use and reusable. The single use is made of thick card material and we use it for soft tissue measurements of the philtrum and lips, various frenulum values and maximum opening. It is very handy for measuring overjet, overbite, Shimbashi, Mew Indicator and things like inter-canine width.  

The reusable MyoMate is made of plastic card and can be used multiple times with the same patient. It can also be given to patients to take home to use on themselves. It’s a simple matter for them to monitor their post-lingual frenectomy progress and their jaw range of motion. 

Other orofacial measuring tools I’ve used often poke the underside of the tongue when measuring jaw opening. The MyoMate’s unique design avoids this and is much more comfortable for the patient.

The edges are colour coded and when I purchased my MyoMates, I received a great instruction sheet on how to use it properly. It’s an Australian-made and -owned product. 

What’s not so good 

The reusable version can be on the expensive side but bulk buy discounts are available. 

Where did you buy it? 

Centre for Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy 

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