Tools of the trade: Natural+ teeth whitening


by Dr Harry Marget, East Bentleigh Dental, East Bentleigh, VIC


This is a teeth whitening system that works quickly with great results. I think Natural is an amazing product because, as far as I know, this is the first ‘green’ solution to whitening your teeth.


What’s good about it

All the ingredients are absolutely natural. There is no sensitivity afterwards and the whitening is dramatic. It’s very easy to apply and a good result is achieved in a short amount of time. The full treatment only takes an hour, including prep. It works with just one application of the bleaching gel whereas other systems require the patient to rinse and re-apply up to four times.

It’s also very cost effective compared to the commercial brands. The active ingredient is an aqueous compound with two types of hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide is stabilised, non-toxic, ecological and biodegradable.

The gel has a neutral pH, contains no heavy metals and there is no tooth dehydration after use.

Patients experience no after taste and no pain whatsoever. They are invariably impressed with the results as the degree of whitening is extreme.


What’s not so good

The only downside is that it’s only available from one supplier—Golden Medical—that’s located in Sydney. However, they are very helpful and are able to supply countrywide.


Where do you get it

Golden Medical (


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