Tools of the trade: Nobel Biocare Tissue Punch

The tissue punch helps lesson patient anxiety.

by Dr Michael Fong, Oakhill Dental Surgery, Castle Hill, NSW


Traditionally, when inserting a dental implant into the jawbone, you cut open the gum, expose the bone and then place the titanium screw. The beauty of this tissue punch is that it creates a perfect-sized hole in the gum. You then insert an implant that is the same diameter as the hole you have just created. The punch is attached to your surgical drill. It’s only 2cm long and you need to ensure the tissue punch is well irrigated with saline while using it.


What’s good about it

It’s less traumatic for the patient and they heal much quicker. This is very good for people who have a health condition like diabetes where they might take a bit longer to heal.

It’s quite useful when operating further back into the mouth where access with a scalpel isn’t very easy. You can create multiple holes with a tissue punch and insert multiple implants. This is a great time saver.

A lot of patients get a bit anxious when you talk about surgery and this helps eliminate some of that anxiety. No-one likes to see a scalpel going into their mouth.


What’s not so good

One problem when using a tissue punch is that you don’t get the natural contour of the gum such as the interdental papillae. I don’t use it much in the front area of the mouth as this can produce small dark interdental shadows. When using a scalpel, one can stitch the incision and reproduce close to the ideal shape of the gum. With a tissue punch, you can’t do that.


Where did you get it

Nobel Biocare.


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