Tools of the trade: NSK Surgic Pro

surgical  motor

by Dr Reuben Sim, Dental Boutique, Balwyn, VIC

This high-performance motor is designed for implant and oral surgery. It automatically calibrates to the resistance of each individual handpiece for accurate speed and torque. All the treatment information can be saved on a flash drive attached to the USB port.

What’s good about it

We normally use this unit for our implant work and for any surgery that requires the removal of bone. The Surgic Pro is easy and intuitive to operate. It has a large screen that displays information clearly and can be read from a distance. Different functions can be preset into the unit and all the displayed information is very easy to understand. It’s also a real work horse—it never breaks down.

The other advantage of the Surgic Pro is that it can be linked with other units in the same range, such as the Vario Surg 3, a piezo electric unit. They just stack one on top of the other and can be operated by the same foot pedal.

What’s not so good

When you need to move a foot pedal, it’s very handy if it has a bar around it that allows you to lift and move it with your foot. This foot pedal doesn’t have that attachment so the only way to move it is to kick and slide it across the floor.

Where did you get it

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