Tools of the trade: NSK Ti-Max X450L Optic and Salvin 700 XXXL implant carbide


by Dr Khaled Shahin, Lakeside Dental Spa, Hervey Bay, QLD

As well as owning and operating at Lakeside Dental Spa, I am the director and founder of Dental Courses International.

What’s good about it

The 45-degree angle of the handpiece coupled with the extra long bur are extremely useful when sectioning a tooth for extraction. The head is away from your field of vision so you can clearly see where you are cutting. It allows you to go deep into the root and makes the extraction very quick, predictable and safe.

dental handpieceNo patient is happy that they are having an extraction but they love the fact that the procedure is completed in around five or 10 minutes. Once the tooth is cut into pieces, there is minimal pressure or discomfort for the patient when the tooth is removed.

This handpiece is only for surgical work and also works very well for root canal surgery, particularly apicoectomy. I’ve been using this combination for eight years and wish I had discovered it sooner. It’s accurate, quick and gives a good field of view.

What’s not so good

Saline solution cannot be run through the handpiece and some dentists don’t like that. They worry about the sterility of water and the fact it is not an isotonic solution but you can run sterile water through your unit if it permits.

Where did you get it

Ti-Max Z45L—Henry Schein Halas 

Salvin 700 XXL implant carbide—Dental Integrated Dynamics 

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