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by Dr Jennifer Do, The Liverpool Dentist, NSW

Omnichroma is a composite resin that claims it can colour-match the shade of any tooth. It makes restorations simpler and faster to complete. The final result is excellent and my patients have all been very happy. 

What’s good about it

I’ve been using Omnichroma for about a year and it has consistently matched shades with all types of teeth. I don’t use it as much in the anterior region as that area needs a very careful finessing of the aesthetics. I use it extensively with senior patients who have darker teeth that can be difficult to colour-match. The end results have been fantastic—there’s virtually no difference between the composite and the tooth. It works very well with smaller and moderate sized restorations.

In a situation where I’m restoring a tooth that’s an unusual shade, say A4 or D3, I know the Omnichroma will work beautifully. It’s about the same hardness as many other composite resins but it’s not the hardest. It has the same longevity as most resins on the market. I don’t use it for all my restorations but I’ve found I’m using it more regularly—especially for buccal root restorations. 

After completing a restoration, I give the patient a mirror or I take a photo so they can see the repaired tooth. They’ve all been very happy with the colour-matching of Omnichroma. I also use it with attachments for clear aligners. It looks virtually invisible and, once again, the patients are very happy.

What’s not so good

I tend not to use it with larger restorations as I want something that’s going to last. Even though Omnichroma has superior aesthetic values, for large restorations I choose function over form. So far it matches shade quite well but I would be wary of using it for areas of high aesthetic concern.

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