Tools of the trade: Optra Gloss


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polishing instruments for composite and ceramic restorations

by Dr Lakshmi Masilamani, North Sydney Dental Practice, NSW

Optra Gloss is a set of polishing instruments for composite and ceramic restorations. The dark blue polishing shapes are for pre-polishing and the light blue polishing shapes for high-gloss polishing. I primarily use the spiral wheel which is a fantastic high-gloss polisher. It’s perfect for all posterior composites and CEREC restorations that haven’t been glazed.

What’s good about it

I enjoy making anatomy in my posterior composites and Optra Gloss manages to polish everything nicely without any damage to that anatomy. I’ve used other polishing systems that actually changes the shape of the composite. The finish is really nice; it looks and feels natural for the patient.

The polishing tips have a high diamond content that provides excellent results. They are all autoclavable and last quite a while before needing replacement. They come in a number of different shapes but I find I use the spiral wheel most frequently. Attached to a slow-speed handpiece, it’s perfect for giving a high-gloss finish. It’s nice having a polishing bur that can be used for both direct and indirect restorations. 

I find the spiral wheel shape allows me to polish within the anatomy giving an overall glossy finish to the final restoration.

What’s not so good

Even though the wheel shape can be used on anterior restorations, it isn’t sufficient to give a suitable finish. Other finer polishing burs and discs are required.

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