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single-magnification loupes

by Dr Alexander Goichman, Malvern Family Dental, VIC

In dentistry, if you want to treat something, if you want to heal something, you need to see it. Sometimes we need to look at the big picture and sometimes we need to look at very, very fine details. EyeZoom loupes gives you a range of options. 

What’s good about it

These loupes have variable magnification. By simply rotating the lens, they can be set at 3X, 4X or 5X. I can easily switch between 3X for normal working magnification to 5X for precise endodontics.

The loupes don’t need to be removed to change magnification. 

During a working day, I flip back and forth as many times as I need. The lenses of the glasses can be set at your prescription so they work as fully functional glasses. I also use an attached headlight. In one set of EyeZoom loupes, I have everything I need in regard to viewing, magnifying and illumination.

The loupes are very comfortable and don’t cause any eye strain. Normally, they are adjusted to a working distance of between 35 and 45 centimetres. I’ve had my set adjusted to about 55 centimetres so it forces me to keep my head straight. If I lean forward, the loupes go out of focus and that forces me to straighten again. This way I never suffer any neck strain.

I use my EyeZoom loupes with every patient and for every procedure. I have two battery packs that I switch in the middle of the day. I don’t take them off my head while I’m at the practice.

What’s not so good

They’re a bit heavier than conventional loupes but that’s a small price to pay for the magnification flexibility.

Where did you get it

Orascoptic Australia

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