Tools of the trade: Ozone Surface Disinfection Unit


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surface disinfection unit

by Dr Jason Pang, Cosmic Smile Laser Dental, Neutral Bay, NSW

The Ozone SDU is a tissue box-sized unit that can be placed on a desk or mounted on the wall. It generates a fine but dry ozone mist. It can be used to disinfect a whole room or reception area.

What’s good about it

It has two settings. The first creates a low output like a diffuser and is used when there are people around. It generates a non-detectable ozone mist that’s antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. This is a pleasant way to disinfect a room, particularly when dealing with COVID-19.

The second setting is a lot heavier and more potent. It runs for two hours and will create a cool fog in the room. This will decontaminate everything, including all the surfaces, and doesn’t damage electrical equipment or anything like that.

The ozone is created from normal water through an electrolytic process. It then atomises the ozone into a mist. The unit is generally filled with water once a day. We have one unit in reception and will probably buy another for the surgery. 

During the day, we just leave it on the low setting in reception. There’s no smell and no residue. It gives great peace of mind knowing that our surfaces are constantly being disinfected. It works very well. 

What’s good about it

Depending on the size of the practice, you may need multiple units to get complete coverage.

Where did you get it

Innovative Medical Technologies

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