Tools of the trade: Panavia V5

dual-cure resin cement

By Dr Soroush Salimi, Dentists@Burswood, Perth, WA

I was a big fan of Panavia F2.0 that was released many years ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a very aesthetic cement as it had a light brownish tinge. If you’re cementing something in the aesthetic zone, you don’t want any brown colour coming through the restoration. Panavia V5 is an alternative cement that can be used in the aesthetic zone and has provided great results so far.

What’s good about it

Panavia V5 is a dual-cure resin cement that is good for a variety of cementation procedures. I use it with inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. It looks good, bonds well and has different shades to match each patient’s requirements.

This cement has good workability—it’s not too runny or too thick. As it is dual-cured, you can position it, cure for a few seconds, remove the excess and then do a final cure to set.

The cement comes in tubes with a straight and angled nozzle. Once you’ve used what’s needed, you put the lid back on and store it in the fridge. There is very little wastage with this product, especially if you mix it on a pad and then directly apply to the restoration.

Panavia V5 could theoretically be used to cement any type of restoration, although I do use other cements as well.

What’s not so good

The only negative is that it’s a little more technique sensitive compared to a GIC cement. It takes a couple more steps as it has a resin component in it.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas

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