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after-care management system

by Dr Dish Ghose, Dazzling Smiles Dental, Craigieburn, VIC

PatientCare is an automated after-care management system that provides a follow-up for patients once they leave the clinic. Dental practices don’t need to worry about losing touch with their patients as PatientCare keeps them effectively connected.

What’s good about it

At my practice, we’ve always taken follow-up very seriously. We know that follow-up is instrumental in connecting with your patients and forming strong long-lasting relationships. Prior to purchasing PatientCare, I used my mobile phone to message every single patient after their appointment. Unfortunately, as the volume of patients increased, it became a time-consuming laborious task.

PatientCare makes the process of following up our patients efficient, automated and effective. Once the program is integrated into the PMS, every patient that attends their appointment automatically receives a personalised text message. It asks how they are feeling after their visit and presents a survey that allows them to provide feedback, ask questions and leave a google review.

The benefits of PatientCare are many. It shows that we care about our patient’s long-term wellbeing. Based on their feedback, we can tailor our services and improve our performance. It makes it easy for patients to leave Google reviews. It also allows patients to book online appointments directly through the app.

PatientCare is a an effective and streamlined program that takes care of everything after the patient has completed their appointment.

What’s not so good

PatientCare provides a lot of data about a clinic’s performance. It includes such metrics as an overall score out of 10 from the patient, a rating of the service they received, and what level of pain they felt. There’s a breakdown of the number of Google reviews and the scores. I would like to see that data better presented and more accessible for the dentist. It should be as simple as highlighting which areas need to be improved and what actions need to be taken.

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