Tools of the trade: Pentax NF2 loupes


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by Dr Marc Sandler, Crows Nest Dentists, NSW

My loupes have 5X magnification. Initially, I thought that might be too strong for general dentistry but I use them for everything. I’m certain they help me do better dentistry.

What’s good about it

The big advantage of these loupes is that they have a refractive prism inside that allows the lens to be angled down. This means you can hold your head and neck straight while seeing inside the patient’s mouth. I’m facing forward throughout my working day which means there is no strain on my neck. 

I suspected it might take a while to become accustomed to this forward-facing position but I adjusted quickly. The manufacturer suggests reading for about 15 minutes to aid in the transition but I was comfortable pretty much instantly.

I use them for all procedures including scale and cleans. Being able to see everything in detail makes it an efficient process when removing calculus. I’m also able to contour restorations better. 

I’ve attached a Lumadent light to the loupes so whenever I move my head, the light follows. The whole set-up is lightweight and comfortable. The battery is in the pocket of my scrubs and the cord is clipped to the back of my shirt to keep everything out of the way.

A rep measured the interpupillary distance between my pupils to ensure the loupes are custom set to my specifications. They are easy on the eye and can be worn all day.

What’s not so good

You need to be careful with them. If they’re dropped or knocked, it’s likely that something will be broken. I’ve had loupes break in the past and the service from Osseo Group was great. 

Where did you get it

Osseo Group

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