Tools of the trade: PeriOptix loupes and Microline Mini headlight

PeriOptix loupes and Microline Mini headlight

by Dr Rochelle Baxter, Whittlesea Family Dental, VIC

I’ve had my old loupes for about 15 years and found as I get older, I rely on them more and more. I was using 2X magnification and they were very helpful. Recently I decided to upgrade and tried a pair of PeriOptix loupes at a dental conference. I liked them immediately. 

What’s good about it

I now use a 2.8X magnification and that sits right in the sweet spot for me. The thing that really sold me on the PeriOptix was the headlight. It follows wherever you look and lets you see everything clearly. It has made a massive difference.

The loupes are fitted onto a normal pair of spectacles that are very comfortable and fairly adjustable. The headlight attaches to the front of the loupes and a cord runs down to a battery that I wear on my belt. The battery has a life of about eight hours.

I use these loupes for all procedures except extractions. I like a wider field of view and the ability to see everything at once when I’m undertaking an extraction.

The loupes and headlight are lightweight and don’t put any strain on the head or neck. As dentists, we tend to suffer more than enough neck and shoulder pain so having lightweight loupes is a necessity. There’s no back-of-the-head strap you often get with heavier loupes. 

What’s not so good

If I had my time again, I would buy the rechargeable headlight called a Firefly. It uses small LED lights and is held onto the loupes with magnets. It’s only about 40 grams heavier but there is no cord running down to your belt.

Where did you get it


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