Tools of the trade: Physics Forceps


physics forcepsby Dr Marc Miller, Nundah Village Dental, Nundah, QLD


I had seen these forceps at the congress and advertised in leaflet material. One of the other dentists working here also works in a hospital clinic that uses these forceps. She thought they were a great tool. Eventually, I decided to buy a set.


What’s good about it

This is a standard set for use with any tooth other than the wisdom teeth. They work on a very different principle for removing a tooth. The action is more like the claw of a hammer that slowly levers the tooth out. It just lifts the tooth up and out.

The Physics Forceps have changed the whole way we remove a tooth. It’s a totally different action to how we were trained. We would normally grip and squeeze and there would be a lot of pulling and tugging. With these forceps, you can take a tooth out with two fingers. You just take a grip and then apply pressure in one direction for about 60 seconds until the tooth pops. It’s much less confronting for patients.

They’re very solid instruments. I’m sure that they’ll see me out until I retire. There’s not much that can go wrong with them.

I’ve been very happy with these forceps and I’m certain we will buy the set for use on wisdom teeth as well.


What’s not so good

They are a very expensive set of instruments. The reason I hesitated in purchasing was because of the price. You need to decide if it’s worth it or not. Their only other drawback is that they can’t be used on a curly hooked root.


Where did you get it



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