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practice softwareby Dr Gordon Howe, Annandale Village Dentistry, NSW

We had been using one of the big-name software systems for many years and even though it was functional, I was a bit disappointed with some aspects of it. A recommendation from a colleague led me to purchasing the Praktika software system.

What’s good about it

The company provides very good customer service. The people who produce the software are very interested in feedback from dentists and quite happy to make modifications and updates based on that feedback.

Praktika is completely and entirely online. You can access all the data from anywhere. The company also takes online security of data extremely seriously. 

Praktika allows you to open multiple browsers at the same time and quickly switch between different aspects of the software. There’s no limit to the number of places you can be logged in at any one time. Also, any changes to any of the data are updated across the system immediately.

Praktika has similar features as big-name software but runs more smoothly. They are also constantly producing new modules to the existing system and it automatically upgrades. Unlike a lot of other systems, any upgrade to the software in Praktika is covered by the subscription. 

What’s not so good

Praktika relies on a reliable internet connection but it doesn’t have to be fast. Ours is quite slow and the software is fully functional. However, we do notice some lag when uploading large numbers of large files. If the internet connection fails, you need to ensure a 4G option is set up to keep the system operating.

Where did you get it

Available by subscription from Praktika

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