Tools of the trade: Primea Advanced Air handpiece


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air-driven handpiece

by Dr Grant Dean, Central Dental Group, Wodonga, VIC

This handpiece is designed for use with the A-dec 500 chair. It behaves pretty much like an electric red band slow-speed motor but it can be fitted with high-speed drills. It has the slimmer and lighter ergonomics of a high-speed handpiece.

What’s good about it

This air driven high-speed has an adjustable bur speed between 60,000 and 320,000 rpm that can be changed in increments of 20,000 rpm. It can do the work of multiple handpieces which keeps the operating area uncluttered and creates less of a clean-up for the DA.

When the time comes to finish a restoration, you can change the finish just by adjusting the speed, which means you get a better feel at the end. When polishing a soft material such as glass ionomer, the speed of the bur can be significantly reduced so it doesn’t accidentally disappear into the restoration. You can use a bur that’s designed to cut then slow it down and it will effectively polish.

Being able to easily regulate the speed makes this a very versatile handpiece. It has a great feel, small head and an effective cooling spray. It allows you to perform a variety of tasks in a more controlled way.

What’s not so good

It’s costly to purchase the entire kit and the handpieces on their own are also more expensive. I believe this system can only be used with A-dec chairs which limits the number of dentists that can use it.

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