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by Dr Andrew Lau, St Leonards Square Dental Care, NSW

We use Pro Taper Next rotary files for all our root canal work. They’re very effective for root canal instrumentation, removing tissue, and shaping the canal. I’ve been using these files for about five years.

What’s good about it

Pro Taper Next files are made of M-Wire NiTi alloy which makes them very flexible, resistant to cyclic fatique, and the files are less likely to break. The files clean and shape straight or curved canals very effectively. The files have an off-centre cross-section that creates a unique, swaggering movement. This helps shape extremely curved and narrow canals.

The flexibility and specialised shape of the files follows the anatomy of the canal with much less chance of breaking through the apex. Root canal procedures take less time as they can be completed with a few files. The unusual shape also helps remove debris from the canal. 

The files are single use which means they are always sharp and operating at maximum efficiency. There’s also no chance of cross-contamination between patients.

Pro Taper Next are my files of choice for all root canal procedures. The results are predictable and reproducible. 

What’s not so good

Each file is a single-use item—we use it one time then trash it. Even though this has its advantages, it means the cost of the procedure is invariably more expensive.

Where did you get it

Dentsply Sirona

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