Tools of the trade: ProPex II apex locator


by Dr Tarek Rashdan, Hastings Dental Centre, Port Macquarie, NSW


I’ve been using this brand of apex locator for the past eight years and upgraded to the ProPex II a little more than a year ago. It’s a very reliable machine and I use it for every standard root canal therapy.


What’s good about it

When I do a root canal treatment, I normally have to take a lot of X-rays to make sure I’m cleaning up to the apex of the root. The ProPex II locates the apex without the need for X-rays. I like to minimise the number of X-rays taken of patients whenever possible.

The machine is hardy and very reliable with an accuracy of above 90 per cent. I have used another brand but this one is better, providing 0.1mm readings which are more accurate than the other machine. It comes with a separate monitor that displays how far you are away from the apex. It also makes an audible noise as you approach the apex. If the the monitor is behind me or I can’t see it while I’m drilling or progressing the file, I can still hear it beeping, so I know when I’m getting close.


What’s not so good

The only problem occurs when using it with an infected tooth. If there is pus or blood coming out of the canal, it doesn’t give an accurate result. It can only be used with a dry media so in that situation, the apex has to be found using X-rays.


Where did you get it




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