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 air-powered tooth polishing system

by Dr Ian Hedley, Oatley Family Dental, NSW

At our practice we have two dentists but no hygienist. We do all our check-ups, cleans and hygiene work. A real cornerstone of the practice is that we provide a very thorough clean and a big part of that is using the Prophy-Mate.

What’s good about it

A lot of patients complain about staining on their teeth, whether it’s from food, red wine, smoking or just daily build-up. They really appreciate that the Prophy-Mate can effectively blast off any of those extrinsic stains. We take photos so they can compare the before-and-after, and patients are always extremely pleased with the results. Such a comprehensive clean would be impossible without the Prophy-Mate.

The abrasive powder is mixed with a small amount of water and sprayed through a very fine nozzle. It causes no damage to dentine or enamel but removes stains efficiently. It must be kept away from soft tissue as it can cause a bit of mild pain.

We also use the Prophy-Mate for non-surgical periodontal therapy. When we’re cleaning calculus off root surfaces of the teeth, we use other instruments. But I always finish with a Prophy clean to remove bacteria and biofilm out of the pockets.

Patients really love this machine and the results it provides. If you’re just using an ultrasonic with a hard scale, I would encourage you to try the Prophy-Mate. I don’t think you can do a thorough clean without it.

What’s not so good

It can be a bit messy and occasionally the nozzle gets blocked with some of the powder. It’s a good idea to have a few interchangeable nozzles so you can keep working. Running it through the steriliser will clean it out. 

Where did you get it

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