Tools of the trade: RelyX Universal Resin Cement


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universal resin cement

by Dr Joanne Evans, Gateway Dental Care, Mona Vale, NSW

This is a 3M product that comes with its own bonding agent, Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive. 

What’s good about it

I really like the delivery system of this product. The tips are shaped beautifully; they’re slightly bent and are very good for accessing inside crowns. After the procedure, you can take off the used tip and close it without having to put on the cap or another tip. RelyX has a special cap that is twisted to close and which effectively stops wastage and cross-contamination of the two pastes. 

RelyX is dual cure and is very effective when used for bonding metal, such as cast posts, porcelain metal and zirconia crowns. It’s so easy to use, it’s been a huge improvement when I’m fitting crowns and indirect restorations. I also use it with veneers when no colour change is needed and for bonding carbon fibre posts. I wouldn’t use any other material in those situations.

While I etch and bond first for added strength, you can use it without etching. It’s also easy to remove by lightly tacking with the light, then cleaning off the excess. At the same time, it keeps on bonding underneath.

What’s not so good

The previous version of RelyX used to set so quickly that if you didn’t get it off in time, it was very difficult to remove the excess, particularly from between the teeth. This problem has been fixed with the current version and it cleans off easily in all situations.

Where did you get it


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